Kinnoull Primary School

Kinnoull Primary School

Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School

Our Staff & People Who Work in Our School

Acting Head Teacher                Mrs Dalrymple

Principal Teacher                Miss Guthrie


Primary 1                              Miss Cormack              

Primary 2                              Miss Graf

Primary 3                              Mrs Bruce and Miss Guthrie                

Primary 4                              Mrs Bee and Miss Guthrie

Primary 5                              Mrs Haddow and Mrs Brown

Primary 6                              Miss Harvey

Primary 7                              Mrs Daniels and Mrs Brown 

Pupil Support Teacher        Mrs Marshall

RCCT Teacher                          Mrs Brown

(Reduction of Class Contact Time)

Support Staff                                 

Pupil Support Worker           Mrs McGhie

Pupil Support Assistants     Mrs McMorrin & Mrs Bayne

Primary Support Assistant  Mrs Young

Primary Support Assistant  Miss Powell

Lunch Supervisors               Mrs Young, Mrs Rytson and Mrs Bayne

Visiting Specialist Teachers

P.E.                                        Miss Warren (Thursday all day and Friday AM)

Art Teacher                           Miss McCourt (Friday AM)

Strings                                   Miss Jack (Tuesday AM)

Guitar                                     Mr Baillie (Friday PM)

Tayside Contracts Staff

Kitchen Staff                         Mrs Morrow & Mrs Wood

Janitor                                   Mr Potter

Crossing Patroller                Mrs Urqhart

Cleaners                                Miss Renata-Bell and Ms Ulaszewska

After School Club

An After School Club operates daily from 3.15pm to 6pm.

Miss Susan Jorgensen currently manages the After School Club and Mrs Jill MacKenzie assists.