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Kinnoull Primary School

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Primary 7


We have had a super start to Primary 7!  In maths, we have been learning about place value, rounding and negative numbers and last week for Maths Week, we were completing maths challenges when our parents visited school.  We have been assigned our P1 buddies to help and support them in their learning and encourage them to work well and get to know school.  Our class novel is The Garbage King and we are learning about the UNCRC connected with the novel.  We were interviewed for our P7 leadership roles and are looking forward to getting on with our tasks.  In PE we have been playing cornerball, cricket and doing gymnastics and also learning about the language about H&W.

Written by P7, typed by Mrs D :-)


In P7 PE this term, we have been doing basketball and netball with Mrs Daniels.  We have also just finished an indoor curling competition led by our school Sports Captains.  We have been doing a variety of things in our leadership roles including, organising a fireworks display art competition, setting up a no-plastic snack week, clearing and sorting out class play equipment and carrying out class surveys for Fairtrade.  We have been learning about our topic Science on the Menu where we have been doing lots of experiments with food, for example, skittles & diffusion, jelly tasting and chromatography.  Finally, we have completing out 'Big Write' challenge to recreate and rewrite the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk with a twist!

Written by P7, typed by Mrs Daniels ;-)