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Primary 7


Recently in class we worked in pairs to apply our French skills and create a French menu.  Many of our classmates represented Kinnoull in County Sports and we took home three medals.  We have all attended our transition days to get used to High School life and we're all set for August.  We have arranged a Treasure for our P1 buddies and we took them for a picnic in Branklyn Gardens.  It was a great day and really sunny!


We have started our new topic called Modern Scotland and we have planned to look at how Scotland has changed from the traditional Scotland, Scottish fashion, golf in Scotland, sports and activities, tourism in Scotland, food, Scottish geography, music festival, modern Scottish artists and much more!

In maths we have started coordinates and in literacy we have begun a news study and looked at features of a news paper.  We had to rewrite and up-level headlines based on short new stories.

We are going to start competing for the Boy and Girl Sports Championship and are excited about preparing our P7 yearbook!

We have welcomed Mrs Wells who is working with us to support our learning for the next 6 weeks.


In maths we started learning about percentages and how to use them in real life e.g. converting between fractions, decimals and percentages, finding a percentage of a quantity and finding equivalences.  Percentages are used in for shopping, taxes, sale prices, cooking, building and money.

In our topic Rainforests, we have been learning about food chains and food webs, creating murals, how animals and plants adapt to survive, animal classification and products from the rainforests.  We've been putting all our knowledge and skills together to produce home learning tasks and presentations.

We have started some rugby sessions with Perthshire Rugby and focusing on touch rugby but hoping to do some contact!  On Wednesday we went to Perth High School for a Maths Challenge Day.

Our skills groups have started again and we're focusing on life skills.  With our buddies, we've been helping them with a rich task about take away stories.


In P7 we have been continuing to learn about Rainforests - we have covered the water and nutrient cycle, the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, applied our art skills to produce parrots and investigated how animals adapt to survive.

In maths and numeracy we have been learning about adding and subtracting fractions, using fractions in real life, multiplying fractions, how to simplify fractions and converting improper and mixed fractions. 

We completed our cross country trials and our team will be competing next Wednesday 28 Feb.  We have our Rotary Quiz team taking part in the quiz on Tuesday 6 March.

Recently we had parents' night and the p7s got to come into the meeting to discuss our targets and what has been going well and what we enjoyed.


Happy Hogmannay everyone!

So far this year we have been planning our new topic which is the rainforest and learning about why all rainforests are located around the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.  We have also been helping our P1 buddies make rainforest trees and looking at which animals live in the canopy.  In maths we have been working out how to calculate surface area of 3D objects.  In drama we are working on a rainforest play with Mrs Brown.

This week Rookie Rockstars came to Kinnoull to teach us songs which we are going to perform to parents next Wednesday.  Today we recorded a CD of the songs with Nick from Rookie Rockstars.


We have really enjoyed learning about advertising and persuasive texts in P7 especially looking at advertisements in magazines and on TV.  In our groups we have planned and designed our own cereals as part of The Cereal Box Challenge where we go to apply all our skills and what we have learned.  Mrs Daniels says the boxes look like real products!  In maths and numeracy we have been learning about angles like vertically opposite angles, alternate angles and corresponding angles.  Then we had to solve some really difficult problems in angles.

Heads of House organised a Winter Jumper Day poster competition and the winners are being announced soon.  Today we have our Christmas discos and party.  Lots of people have brought in food to eat.  We can't wait!


This term we have had our first transition day to Perth High School and we learned about UNICEF and children's rights.  We have working hard to help our P1 buddies and we were invited to their mock wedding in Kinnoull Church and afterwards enjoyed the wedding reception and ate cake and danced around the P1 classroom!  In science we have been investigating chromatography.

All of us have been working hard in our leadership roles e.g. RRS leaders are working on a whole school charter, Fairtrade leaders have been carrying out audits, Heads of House have been organising house challenge groups, Eco leaders have been making soup at Kincarrathie House and planting bulbs, library leaders have been organising the library, Health leaders and Sports captains have been running a P1/2 lunchtime sports club.

As you can see in P7 we're very busy!


Recently, P7 travelled to Glenshee by bus to enjoy our outdoor activity week!  We did raft-building, indoor climbing, a ropes course, kayaking, Glenshee Challenges and zip-wiring.  When we arrived we were given a tour and we were given our dorms.  We had a great time being away from school and hanging out with our friends.  We highly recommend it to P6 for next year!


This week we found out who our P1 buddies were!  We have been spending some time with all the P1s doing reading, playing, PE, letter formation etc  Each of us were matched with a P1 and we met our buddies' parents to give them a letter about being a buddy, how the system works and to introduce ourselves.

We have had the first week of our House Captain interviews and we were nervous at first although it hasn't been as bad as we thought!

Some of us have been supporting P6 with their Robot Day.  We've been doing more science experiments and also some art on drawing still life.  Our emotion masks have been finished off and we enjoyed parents visiting us on the Parents' Open Afternoon on Thursday.


We've been enjoying doing science experiments and testing fruit for proteolytic enzymes by seeing if jelly sets if it contains different pieces of fruit.  Tip - don't use fresh pineapple in your trifle!  We also found out that diet fizzy drinks are less dense than non diet fizzy drinks.  We put the cans in water and if they sank they were more dense because of the high sugar content. 

In literacy we've been working on our VCOP skills and wrote extended writing based on watching a clip from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  We now have our assembly roles as we will be leading and organising assembly.  Today we had a rugby taster session with Perthshire Rugby.  It was great fun!


This week in science we got to taste jelly to see if your nose had a big impact on your taste and learned out to calculate density of cans of fizzy drinks! In art, we started our emotion masks after we identified as many emotions as we could.  In Literacy Circles we started our new class novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and we talked about how we felt about the main character, Bruno, in the first chapter and learned about reading between the lines of the story.  In Numeracy we are learning about place value.


Hello and welcome to the new P7 page!

We have enjoyed our first week and we have started off well.  This week we have been helping the new P1s with maths and writing the number 2.  We have also been writing letters to the parents of our future P1 buddies.  We have been working on our Class Charter so that if we do something wrong, we can look at it and know what we should be doing.  It helps us know our rights and keep us safe and respectful.

We have started our new topic Science on the Menu and we had to sign a safety contract to follow the rules for when we're doing experiments.  We had PE with Miss Warren and worked on our rugby passes.  In art we have been designing profile silhouettes of our heads and filling them with everything we do!