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Primary 6


We are enjoying being back at school with lots of challenges in our new P6!

We have started our new topic called 'Are ye dancin'?'.  It is an intergenerational project and we will be working with our senior partners at Kincarrathie House.  We are looking forward to meeting them next week!  Some of us are a little nervous but excited to hear their stories.  We have been getting help from Helen and Caroline from Oaknote and Agent Rendell from Alzheimer Scotland to prepare for our visit.  We have been using dictaphones and working on interview techniques and open questions.

In maths we are learning about place value, for example, putting numbers in the correct columns, writing numbers in words and digits and ordering numbers and decimals.  We have been reading a lot of our class novel 'The Garbage King' and writing about it too in Literacy Circles.  In PE we have been doing volleyball and Benchball.


This term has been full of fun!  We have been doing multiplication, addition and subtraction sums in problem solving.  In PE we have been doing child-friendly bleep tests individually and in groups to improve our fitness.  We have been looking at Growth Mindset and working on our emotion masks and 'Learning Pits'.  In art we made profile picture art of our faces which tell you what we like and about our hobbies.

In Are Ye Dancin'? we have started writing and rehearsing our radio plays and next week Hamish (the sound guy) is coming into school to record them.  We have been working with a variety of people on the project including a clinical psychologist called Liesbeth from the University of Edinburgh who came to talk to us about our questionnaires.


So far since the October holidays we have been continuing to work on our topic Are Ye Dancin'?  We have been learning how to do some ballroom dancing such the foxtrot and the jive.  Peter and Felicity from Edinburgh came in to teach us the moves.  In our groups we are designing our own dance halls and we are applying all our skills like literacy, maths, art & design and teamwork skills.

In maths we are learning about area and perimeter and measuring.  In literacy we have looking at newspapers and learning how to write headlines and orientations.  In PE we have started to do some gymnastics and we are learning how to do headstands and handstands!


This week we had a visit to Kincarrathie House where we demonstrated our foxtrot, jive and the chocolatee!  We really enjoyed ourselves and even one of our senior partners had a dance with Peter, the professional dancer.  We got to listen to our radio plays and they are available online to listen to.  With Mrs Brown, we were learning how to create function machines and made our own robotic function machines. 

Click here to listen to our radio plays for Are Ye Dancin'? :-)


This week we have been learning about acute, obtuse and reflex angles in maths and using a protractor properly.  Sadly, we visited Kincarrathie House for the last time and we had a tea party with cake and juice.  We also performed our plays for our senior partners and let them listen to our radio plays.  We have been practising out literacy skills in our daily Literacy half Hour.  In art we have been making paper snowflakes to decorate the hall.