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Primary 6

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Primary 6 are continuing with their energy context for learning.  Recently, we investigated the link between the energy we use and the food and drinks we consume.  We were very surprised at the amount of sugar in some common energy drinks!  Using this knowledge and understanding, we plan to create recipes to make our own healthy high energy snacks and drinks, design packaging and create an advert.

In numeracy, we have investigated negative numbers and are working with number lines that extend past zero.  We have discussed where we would use these skills in everyday life.  We talked about measuring temperature and were interested in how minus/negative numbers can be used in terms of money and financial education.

In literacy, we are focusing on non-fiction texts.  We have used non-fiction to research our energy topic and will use this information to create an 'Energy Encyclopaedia' including all of the key features of a non fiction text.

So far, we have written a newspaper article, a film review and we have designed posters/leaflets to encourage and advise people on energy conservation.