Kinnoull Primary School

Kinnoull Primary School

Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School

Primary 4



We have been learning Jingle Bells on the recorder and we are going to play this at our Nativity. Ellen


We are enjoying learning our lines for Nativity. Anna


We have been enjoying improving our typing skills. Jessica


We have enjoyed making Christmas decorations for the hall. Violet


We have enjoyed working with Miss Barnes. Stella


We have been learning about the decimal point in maths. Ally



Term 2

We have enjoyed learning our multiplication tables this week. Alexander & Emme

This week we worked hard to play a tune on the recorder. Erin & Ellen

We learned where retired people get money. Jessica & Vivi

With Mrs Bruce we were learning how to 'break' sums to make it easier. Freya & Grace

We know that the clocks change on Sunday. We found out why this happens. Paige &  Anna

we started an exciting piece of writing about being rich or poor. Alyx & Violet

We have been improving the presentation of our work.








We have been rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 in Numeracy. Ally & Freya

IWe have also been learning about Tessellation. Erin & Ellen

In PE we have been working on improving our chest passing. Stuart & Lauren

On Tuesday we enjoyed learning more about Growth Mindset. Alyx & Anna

In PE wit Miss Warren we have also been working on our pace. Violet & Emme

This week we got to do some 'free' writing. We really enjoyed this. Alice & Lewis

We enjoyed completing our Mindfulness colouring. Alexander & Paige

In PE we completed the beep test. Jessica & Lola

In Primary 4 we really enjoy our independent activities. Stella

Today we have looked at similarities and differences. Grace




We designed symmetrical bugs! Vivi

We played games in Drama. Stella

In PE we have been working on our throwing and catching. Vari

IN RME we are learning more about Food and Festivals. Emme

In PE we have been working on getting stronger. Ellen





We have been learning  about Place Value and we have been working with 5 digit numbers. Lauren

We have been learning about Inheritance.  Grace

Our handwriting is getting better. Jessica

We enjoyed writing about people who inspire us! Freya

We all enjoy Scottish Country Dancing. Stella

We have been drawing pictures of ourselves and our families in Topic. Vivi

We brought in family pictures as part of our topic. Vari



Primary 4 is lots of fun. Lola

I feel we are challenged. Jessica
We have enjoyed learning more about Place Value. Vari & Stella
Everyone is kind in our class. Stuart & Lauren
We like our new Kinnoull Primary School Diaries. Vivi & Alyx
We are enjoying our new reading books.
We have been busy designing and making our new Class Charter. Emme & Violet
I like my new classroom. Ellen
We enjoyed writing letters for Mrs Sands. Freya & Ally