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Primary 3


Welcome to Mr Gardiner at PGDE student who is working with p3 for the next 6 weeks.‘We’ve learned about place value, about where to put numbers. Alexandra‘We were learning to measure the weather, the rain, the temperature and the wind’ Lewis P‘Our class novel is Stig of the Dump’ Ailsa D‘He is a friendly cave-man’ Aaron‘We have been learning about length. We’ve been using cm, metres and mm’ Mark‘Rulers help us draw straight lines’ Amy



This week p3  have been practising their spelling words every morning, using whiteboards, magnetic letters and scrabble letters. I hope to see improvements in the spelling test tomorrow……


We have been using cubes and grams and kilograms to measure different classroom objects.


For our topic, the weather, we have been looking at different instruments we can use to measure the weather. Next week we will measure the weather using a thermometer and a rain guage. We have also focused on wintry weather and how it affects our everyday lives.


Please bring back your weather diaries on Monday.



Happy new year to everyone in P3.  I am really pleased to be working with P3 until the end of the year with Mrs Brown. This term our topic is all about the weather.  Here are some questions the children want to answer:


How does the weather get made? Amy


How do weather forecasters on the TV know what the weather will be like? Ailsa D


Where do hailstones come from? Rishi


What is the hottest country on Earth? Amelie


How does thunder and lightning go away? Ethan S


How does water get into caves? Tristan


How did the sun get made? Aaron


How are tornadoes made? William


I’d like to learn about the weather in different countries. Ailsa M



P3 have been having a very festive few weeks.  This week many of the children supported the nursery with their Nativity. The children enjoyed singing with the nursery children and some even had some lines to say.

We have been rehearsing for our whole school end of term service on Friday. You are in for a great treat!

We are looking forward to our Christmas party tomorrow and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!



Many thanks to everyone who came to watch our Nativity yesterday. The class did a brilliant job and I thought their singing was fantastic.

We have been asked to support Kinnoull Nursery with their nativity next week. This is voluntary and lots of the children have shown an interest. Mrs Scott from the nursery will be coming to visit the class this week to practise the songs.

There will be no homework or reading books given out next week. Please can I remind you to return the Learning Logs before the end of term.




Here are some of the children’s reflections on what we have been learning this week:


We have been practising the songs for the nativity in the church. Keris


We’ve been making and trying on our costumes for the nativity. Amy


We played a game on the smart board about tiling shapes. Lexi-Lou


We’ve been doing our class charter. Callan


We’ve been writing about our Nativity. Aaron


We made tiling pattern with the shapes. William



Reflections on this week’s learning in p3


We were learning about smelting. It means that they are burning the iron from the rock. Veer

We have been learning about how many sides different shapes have. Amy

We were learning how to make paper snowflakes. Amelie

We were learning about Boudicca and what she did. Oliver

We’ve been sewing with Nats. Niamh

We were writing an adventure story about Flat Stanley. Mairi

We were learning the actions to our sewing for the Christmas show. Rishi

We were painting Celtic shields. Lexi-Lou

In PE we were doing human dominoes. Ailsa D

We were learning to do the Flying Scotsman in P.E. Mark



Today P3 have been looking at Celtic art and we attempted our own Celtic knots…this was really quite tricky but lots of us tried really hard to draw one.

We are making Celtic shields this week and we are drawing our own celtic design on them. Look out on twitter for the finished products!

We have been practising our Christmas songs for the nativity and we have enjoyed rehearsing with the p1,2 and 4s this week.


This term we have been focusing on descriptive writing. We have read the poem The Marrog and we created our own Marrog monsters. We have recently been reading Flat Stanley and today we have started to write our own adventure stories for Flat Stanley. These will be included in the learning logs so you will be able to read them soon.

We have finished learning about time for maths. We are moving on to learning the 3 times table and counting in 3s. We will also be starting to look at 2D and 3D shapes.






Primary 3 have been working hard in maths on addition and subtraction skills.

In language, we have been using critical literacy skills to extract main ideas from texts, working out meanings of challenging words and finding evidence of inference.

In spelling we have been learning new activities to help with the words we are practising this week. These activities have included ‘bubble letters’, ‘ missing consonants, ‘backwards words’, ‘rainbow writing’ and ‘blue vowels’.

In art, we are using line and form skills to draw twigs, leaves and trees.