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Primary 3


Welcome back P3! Its wonderful to b back at school. We have settled back into class and its great to see all our friends again. We have a rainforest explorers area in our classroom and we have been developing our map reading skills when identifying rainforests in the world. Today we started to sew Macaw parrots!


3 more sleeps and we're very excited !!                                                                                                                                    Merry Christmas everyone!                                                                                                                                                        From Primary 3 xxx


We hope everyone enjoyed seeing the amazing flying dragons on Twitter! A very successful technology project. This week we have been developing our sewing skills and making snowmen decorations. They will look wonderful on our Christmas tree at home.

Reminders:                                                                                                                                                                                Jack and the Beanstalk Panto in class on Friday. Pupils can bring an extra snack if they wish to.                                          P3 Christmas party - Tuesday 22nd. Wear your party clothes all day.


Today we have started our flying dragon technology project! We painted the dragon body and made the head and wings. Tomorrow we will follow the instructions and try and make our dragons fly! Look out for the photos on Twitter. Today we are excited to discover we are joint winners (with P5) for coming top of the Walk of Fame. Thank you Living Streets for our prizes.

Reminders:                                                                                                                                                                              Christmas lunch is tomorrow - 10th December                                                                                                                        Seasonal jumper day and winter walk - 11th December                                                                                                                                                                             


The P3 Christmas countdown has begun!! We were all very excited yesterday to talk about the first day of Advent and to open the class calendar. We are learning about symmetry this week and designed symmetrical stripy tights for Santa’s elves!

Reminders for next week –

Christmas school lunch 10th Dec

Christmas Jumper day 11th Dec

If you wish to send Christmas cards (only within our P3 class), please post in the P3 Christmas post box to be quarantined and then they can be handed out.




This morning we designed dragons and then wrote detailed descriptions about their appearance. We had to include lots of exciting adjectives! We are looking forward to writing about the dragon’s magical powers and skills! Yesterday we continued to develop our dribbling skills in football with Mr Downie.

Keep sharing any photos of your home learning in the P3 Team and you can talk about it in class at the end of the week.



We hoped everyone had a super long weekend. On Monday we were very excited to receive our new P3 Read, Write, Count bags. We enjoyed exploring the items and playing some of the games. One of the items in the bags is a rainbow coloured measuring tape. We have been developing our estimation and measurement skills this week using the new measuring tapes. Our 3D drawbridge models are almost finished! Miss Cormack will share photos on Twitter of them by the end of the week. Keep a look out for them!


This week we welcomed Mr Downie to P3. He will be in P3 for 4 weeks this term and then return after Christmas.               School is open to pupils Monday to Wednesday this week and then closed Thursday and Friday. We have been learning about Remembrance Day and the symbolism of poppies this week. We will have a minutes silence at 11am today and then create poppy artwork to symbolise the importance of today. We have started a 4 week block on developing our fitness and football skills. Miss Cormack will post some photos on the school Twitter page. Enjoy the long weekend.                                          


This week we have been revising some analogue and digital times. Today we made a stick clock outside but the breeze kept blowing the numbers away so we moved our learning inside! As part of a technology project, we are going to begin to build a castle drawbridge this week. We will share photos when they are finished on the school Twitter page. Remember! Reading books due back on Thursday. School is closed to pupils next Thursday and Friday.


We had a very wet P.E lesson on Tuesday afternoon! We continued to work in small teams and developed short sequences using a variety of movements and actions - they has to be more challenging than last week's. We have been developing our research skills and learning about motte and bailey castles this week.

It is dress up/dress down day on Friday. The KSA have suggested a £1 donation to raise funds for the school.


We are all happy to be back at school after the October holidays! We enjoyed sharing our holiday news with one another; lots of Scottish holidays, days out and park visits! Yesterday during P.E, we had to create a sequence of movements and actions in a small group. We has to plan, prepare, practise and perform it to the rest of the class. We developed lots of skills; team work, problem solving, coordination and balance. We are going to continue to develop these sequences next week.


Last week of term! We're looking forward to two weeks of family time and relaxation!

We have been learning about compass directions and map reading this week. We had to guide our partners around the playground giving and following directions. We wrote fantastic letters to Aunt Lucy from Paddington. We hope she likes reading about Paddington's new family, home and London adventures. we attempted to make origami dogs was tricky! We will keep trying.

Happy Holidays on Friday!


Today we have been exploring right angles and had to use our right angle checkers to hunt for some in our classroom. We were very successful. This afternoon we read a book called 'My Strong Mind' and it inspired us to try our own relaxing, breathing and boat activity! We had to make origami boats first which was an exciting challenge for all! we then relaxed in the class and rocked the boats in time with our breathing.


We have been exploring 2D shapes and their properties. We had to make 2D shape riddles and challenge one another! We are enjoying exploring the characters and stories of Paddington Bear. Today we learned about making lists and we had to create Paddingtons list for his journey from Darkest Peru to London. We are looking forward to Friday when we can share any completed activities from the new homework grids which we shared on Friday in our P3 Team. Already Miss Cormack has spotted some 3D landmark models, sandwich recipes, new Paddington adventures...that we will share on Friday!


This week we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. Look out for some photos on Twitter for our amazing 3D shape models! Yesterday we read the story of Paddington Bear. We are going to read lots of other Paddington Bear stories this term and use them to inspire and develop our writing skills. Homework learning grids will be online through the P3 Team on Thursday afternoon.


The story of 'Here comes Mr Postmouse' has inspired us to be authors and illustrators again this week. We designed a new animal home Mr Postmouse to visit and make a delivery. Then we wrote new sentences for the book. Today we made our own felt Mr Postmouse stick puppets! This afternoon we were learning outdoors with Miss Guthrie, we created pictures made from materials found in the playground and school garden. Next week we are looking forward to developing our knowledge and skills with 2D and 3D shape.


Hello from Primary 3!                                                                                                                                                                  

Another busy week for us. We have been exploring and sharing our feelings in French! We have been learning about the artwork made by Wassily Kadinsky and have begun to create our own art inspired by this artist. We are excited because Stars of the Week begins again. We can't wait to find out who they are!


We are delighted that school is open and we have settled into our new classroom. We have been exploring and sharing our feelings. its been great to share our feelings and spend time with our classmates and teacher.

We have been busy creating our new P3 Superhero Charter we shared lots of ideas and then agreed on the classroom rules for the charter. the Superhero designs are amazing and we even gave each one a super power! There is a photo on Twitter of the charter.