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Primary 1


What a wonderful morning we’ve had! Mrs Robertson (P1 Mummy)visited us and brought lots of her musical instruments. We learned lots about them, wrote our own music and played the instruments! Mrs Robertson then played the music we had written. Definitely a class of future musicians and composers!


Yesterday we welcomed one of our P1 Uncle’s to visit and talk about his job as a farmer. Farmer John described his farm, his job and all the animals on the farm. We got to look at and touch real oats, wheat and barley. We had many questions for him and he showed us a photo of his tractor and cows! Thank you for visiting us! On Friday we met our new P2 teacher and we spent the afternoon with her. We can’t wait to be the big P2s and help with the new P1s!

Only 2 weeks to go until the holidays…


We had a superb visit to Branklyn Gardens yesterday with our P7 buddies. We showed our buddies all around the gardens and we saw tadpoles in the new pond. P7 had brought some picnic snacks and we played games on the grass. The gardens are looking beautiful and Miss Cormack’s favourites were the blue poppies! The school feels empty today as the rest of the school are away to the zoo, Miss Cormack has planned a pirate treasure hunt for this afternoon all around the school and in all the classrooms! We hope we can solve the clues and find the treasure!


A fantastic trip to Blair Atholl Estates today! We made wooden houses, learned about scottish wildlife and went on a tractor and trailer ride. We also watched sheep being sheared, met some lambs, tried out fly fishing, took part in an obstacle course, planted sunflower seeds…..and lots more! A brilliant day out. Thank you to Blair Atholl Estates for having us.

There are some Photos of our trip in The Gallery Primary 1



Primary 1 had a successful sports day practise at Bellwood this morning. We’re all set for Monday morning and we hope the sun stays out for it! We have been busy making bug hotels for our pocket garden design this week. The garden will be on display at the Scottish Gardening Show next weekend. Miss Cormack and a couple of P1 pupils will be at the show on Friday to present the garden. The show is on all weekend and details are on the website.


Our potato project is underway and the P1 Garden detectives will up-date everyone with progress. We hope to grow delicious potatoes! We have been learning about pigs this week and what food we can get from pigs. Today we made pig fact files which we are going to display in the corridor for everyone to read and learn about pigs. We have been learning about giving directions, exploring maps, left and right and grid references.


This week we have been learning about what sheep give us and the journey of wool from the farm to the shops! With the help of P5 we made wool poms poms, although a few of us got into a tangle!

We really enjoyed the Fun Run last Friday. We all completed the run and had a great time doing it! We love our medals. A big thanks to the KSA for organising the event.

Today we are learning about potatoes and we are planning to grow our own this term. Look out for the photos on Twitter!


This week we have been learning about the journey of wheat from farm to fork. We have learned about how wheat grows and what the farmer has to do. Yesterday we made dough and Miss Cormack took it home to bake. We are looking forward to tasting our bread rolls today!

We have been busy making a huge Scotland flag for the Commonwealth fun run tomorrow. We are all set for tomorrow, fingers crossed the rain stays away!


We hope everyone had a happy Easter and a good holiday. What a surprise we came back to … there are diggers and lots of busy people working on the school walls. We are looking forward to the work being finished and being able to have a school garden again in the back playground. We are looking forward to our Blair Atholl estates open day trip in May. We will need parent helpers!


This week we have all presented our story in a shoe box projects. We have learned so much about different books, characters and setting. We have also enjoyed learning about the designs of the boxes and the materials used. P1 parents enjoyed our ‘Story in a shoebox’ Gallery this afternoon. Yesterday we spent the afternoon as Garden Detectives; we planted seeds for our pocket garden, weeded some school garden pots and used willow to weave a fence and a hedgehog house for our pocket garden. We can’t wait to see the finished garden!


P1 celebrated World Book day today (a bit late due to the Beast from the East!). We had lots of interesting characters – the BFG, the Sugar Plum Fairy, Tintin, Paddington Bear, Winnie the Witch and lots more. Everyone in P1 had the opportunity to talk about their character and book. We are excited to see the story in a shoe box homework next week.  We are excited to welcome a new classmate to P1 this week. We have planted cress seeds and are observing them as they grow. We will give them a haircut next week and enjoy eating them with a delicious salad!


We have been learning about symmetry this week and we had to demonstrate our understanding by making a symmetrical picture with a partner. Mrs Dalrymple thought our pictures were amazing! Yesterday we were learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We are still waiting for our (real) caterpillars to arrive as they have been delayed due the snowy weather. Hurry up caterpillars! We’ve got your home all ready for you! Mrs Brown has been helping us to learn about tally marks and we enjoyed carrying out surveys about favourite foods and colours in the class. Next week we hope to visit a different class and carry out a simple survey.


Yesterday we had a sunny outing to Branklyn Gardens where we built a bug hotel and learned about some of the plants, trees and local wildlife. We are looking forward to future visits. We also had exciting news that P1’s design for the Beautiful Scotland pocket garden competition is through to the final round. We are going to be very busy gardeners this term!


We had a wonderful trip to Deep Sea World yesterday. We learned lots of facts about rockpools, water pollution, sharks, fish, the Amazon and so much more! We even got to walk through a tunnel and sharks were swimming over our heads! We watched the divers in the tank feed the fish. The divers did tricks in the water which were very funny! One of the sharks was called Tinkerbell!


We have been learning about ways to save water. Miss Cormack has made us Water Detectives and we have to help people save water at school and at home. On Monday we are sharing our learning at Assembly with the school. We practised today and tomorrow we are going to make Water Detective badges. In today’s Art lesson, Mr Croughan showed us a video clip of smart dolphins choosing different symbols on a special board. They had to make different noises to pick different fish for their lunch! A bit like us when we choose our lunch choice on the smartboard, although we don’t use our noses!


P1 news 25.1.18

A another busy week in P1! On Wednesday we made lots of polar bear foot print cupcakes and reindeer cookies to sell at the Rookie Rockstar show. We sold them for 50p to raise money for our trip to Deep Sea World trip in February. We raised a huge amount…£65.00! Thank you everyone for your support, it was a sell out! The Rookie Rockstars show was rocking! We had a wild time and the parents all enjoyed too! Well done to our brave P1 Mum (Ellen’s Mum) for taking part in the nursery rhyme rapping challenge! What a star!


Rookie Rockstars arrived on Monday and we had an AMAZING time! We learned new songs and lots about friendships and feelings. Unfortunately due to the snowy weather, they weren't able to come on Tuesday and Wednesday but they are back today. Kinnoull school is rocking today!!!

We are learning about money this term and we have a play café set up in the corridor where we can handle money and demonstrate our money skills.