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Primary 1


It’s our final week of ‘Hey Ewe’ nativity rehearsals and we’re almost set for the performance. Thanks to all for the great costumes and props sent in from home. See you all on Tuesday at Kinnoull Church for our performance!

We are busy planning and making addition picture stories with our P7 buddies and hope to invite parents into see them in January when they are complete. Details to follow in the New Year.



We have been preparing Christmas pictures to decorate the hall with in preparation for this Friday’s Christmas Coffee afternoon. We hope everyone likes our snowy snowman pictures which our P7 buddies helped us make.

We have been developing our sentence construction skills; making sure our sentences make sense, have finger spaces between the words, a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.

The Kinnoull School Christmas post starts the week beginning 10th December so get busy writing your cards. Then bring them to school any day during that week.



Nativity rehearsals are in full swing this week and we have started to make props too. The countdown is on….!

Today we learned the song and dance for ‘In and out the dusty bluebells’ and we are hoping to perform it for our P7 buddies next week.

We have been learning about the water cycle and we had to create our own water cycle diagrams and share them with our classmates.

Miss Cormack told us that tomorrow we are learning about tornadoes! We are going to try and make a tornado in a bottle! Look out for our science experiment photos on Twitter.



On Monday we  welcomed a visit from the SSPCA. We learned about what to do if you discover an injured animal and ways to reduce animals getting hurt. Today we wrote invitations for our Nativity show. Look out for them coming home on Wednesday – we home you can make it! Today a letter came home about costumes for Nativity. Please contact Miss Cormack if you didn’t get one.

Remember school is closed to pupils on Thursday and Friday. Enjoy the long weekend!




On Monday we welcomed Neil and Carole from Police Scotland. We learned lots about their job, how to make an emergency 999 call and what to do if a stranger approaches you. We got to explore their police car and even put the siren on! Thank you for coming to visit us. There are photos on Twitter.

We have learned about keeping safe on Bonfire night and our P7 buddies helped us to create sparkling firework pictures which will be on display in the corridor outside P1.

Nativity rehearsals have begun for ‘Hey Ewe’! We are busy learning the songs. Primary 1 are all sheep in the Nativity and details about costumes will be coming home next week.



Happy Halloween!

We are all very excited about the Halloween party tomorrow evening. We can’t wait to wow Miss Cormack with our spooky costumes.

Yesterday P7 brought  a big box of poppies and were collecting donations for them. We then learned about a special day called Remembrance Day and the symbolism of wearing poppies. We were then inspired to paint poppies. They will be coming home with us today and we hope everyone likes them.

On Monday we had to draw a self portrait for the 2019 Kinnoull calendar. Our P7 buddies supported us and encouraged us to add in lots of detail to our drawings.




Back to school time!

This week we have been learning about why it is important to learn to read times on clocks. Here are some of our ideas – so we don’t miss our bus or aeroplane, we remember to go to bed, when to get up and have breakfast, when it’s our swimming lesson and most importantly when it’s lunchtime at school! We have explored different types of clocks and learned to read o’clock times.

Today we listened to Scottish music and had to keep the beat using different parts of our bodies. We have begun to learn a Scottish dance called the Flying Scotsman and we loved adding in our own train sounds!



We can’t believe it’s the last week of term! What a busy term we’ve had! A big thank you to all the People Who Help Us visitors, we have learned so much about different jobs in the community. The weather is changing so please remember to bring coats every day. All the photographs, models and pictures of homework activities from the homework menus have been fantastic and it’s been a great opportunity for children to share their learning. Look out for the new homework menus in Term 2.

Happy holidays!



Today we had a whole school growth mindset day. Our day started off with an Assembly with Scott from Live – N – Learn and we learned lots about growth mindset. Then we explored the different parts of the brain and the jobs they do. We then took part in a relaxation class based on the Jungle Book story and songs. We learned about mindfulness colouring and the benefits of it. We finished our day off with helping ‘Gerald the giraffe’ change his fixed mindset and realise that he can dance if he practises and gets help from his jungle friends!



We were delighted to welcome so many P1 parents to our open afternoon. Primary 1 pupils were busy solving jigsaw puzzles and enjoyed showing our parents the new classroom charter and displays. This afternoon we were learning about mime in Drama. We had to use mime to demonstrate the movements of a bus driver and doctor. We shared some creative ideas with our partners in Drama.




We LOVED our visit from the Amber Watch on Thursday. We had so many questions for them and we learned about their job, the fire engine and making 999 calls. We are looking forward to a visit from a Doctor tomorrow and Physiotherapist on Friday.



A big thank you to all who have sent in P1 homework photos. P1 pupils have confidently talked about their learning and the photos. Keep them coming! We love sharing our learning.

We are looking forward to the visit from the Fire Brigade on Thursday afternoon. We have lots of questions for them to answer.


We have stayed at school for two full days so far and it’s great! We get to stay for lunch and then play outside with all the other boys and girls.  We have started to learn about patterns and we can’t wait to share our learning with our P7 buddies on Friday. Tomorrow we have a visit from our local postman as part of our People who help us topic. We have lots of questions for him. Look out for photos on Twitter.



We have been very busy in P1; learning new sounds, reading books, practising number formations and lots more! Last Friday we had our first P.E. lesson with Miss Warren and we played lots of games and developed our balancing skills.  This morning we have been learning how to write a number 3 … “a curl for you, a curl for me, that’s the way to make a 3!” Keep practising at home. Primary 7 have been helping us with our learning and we are looking forward to finding out who are buddies are.