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Primary 4

Friday 14th June

In PE we have been working on our jumping skills.

Throughout the week we have been working on our division skills.

We have been working on fractions with Mrs Bruce.

Today we enjoyed writing letters to our new teachers.

We have been writing and illustrating about ourselves as we are all unique.

We have continued to learn more about our bodies.

We have been working with Primary 5 for Science.

On Monday I enjoyed music with Mrs McGaffney.

We are excited as we are getting our reports today.


6th June 2019


We have had a very busy week in Primary 4.

On Monday we participated in a tennis tournament. This was an opportunity for us to show all the skills we have been learning at our tennis lessons with Ollie and Charlie.

On Tuesday we went to RRS Discovery Centre in Dundee. We went on the boat and got to see all the different parts. After lunch we went to different rooms and solved clues. We also dressed up and watched a movie called ‘Last Place on Earth’ about Antarctica.


Today we met our new teacher, Miss Colville. We introduced ourselves and shared our hopes for Primary 5. Miss Douglas also came to visit as she will work with us in P5 on a Friday.

We have also been learning more about division this week.

This afternoon we learned more about our internal body parts.


Friday 3rd May 2019

We have been learning more about the importance of recycling, especially plastic. Plastic is made out of oil and gas.

We have enjoyed recording and discussing the weather in French each day.

We have researched some famous pirates this week.

On Thursday we had a visitor in our class. She was very impressed with our French. We worked on our weather, food and colour vocabulary.

We enjoy attending Lego and Games club at lunchtime.

We learned the names of our internal organs.

On Monday we enjoyed our tennis session. We were improving our aim and skill.

Today we were learning more about position and movement language. This will help us with directions.

In PE we have been working on the long jump.

On Friday we used a coding bug to help us with our position and movement.

We have been reading Non-fiction books.

We have been weighing items and recording.

Throughout the week we have been discussing and recording WOW words.

We have a French log to record all of our new French vocabulary.



We finished our length measurement topic, where we have been learning about km, m, cm and mm and ½, ¼ and whole metres.

Today we started learning about measuring weight

We have been learning about the weather in French, we can now say, quel temps fait-il?, il pleut, il fait beau, il y a du vent, il neige and il fait nuageux.

During the week we have working on our French weather, colours and classroom instructions with Miss Dawson.

Some of the people in our class went to lunch time sports on Friday, we played ‘sports on fire’ and the cone game.

Primary 4 have started to learn about division in maths.

P4 have been using the internet to check for the most recent pirate attacks. The most recent attack was on 24.4.2019 in Somalia.

In PE we have been learning about directions.

On Thursday in PE we were learning how to throw a shot putt.

During the week P4 have been learning our 7x table.

In P4 we have been using French fortune tellers to help us with our weather vocabulary.

Today we have been learning how to use ‘too, to and two’ correctly.

Every morning we are using times table squares to help us with our tables, we are getting much quicker!

Some people in our class got to Lego club on Thursdays, it is great fun!


  • We have enjoyed learning about World War 2 this term. We enjoyed watching the film and reading the book Carrie’s War. It was really good! We also read Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. We also went to the Perth Museum and learned more about what an evacuee would need.
  • In Maths we enjoyed learning and practising our times tables. We also enjoyed doing time duration and timetables.
  • We also enjoyed our responsibility groups which we did with P5/6 and 7. The groups were held every Wednesday (Eco, Health, Pupil Council, Fair Trade, Rights Respecting). We got to do different things and worked on lots of different projects.
  • We also enjoyed wearing odd socks for Down’s syndrome Awareness Day.
  • We also enjoyed having Miss Morris in our class this term. We especially enjoyed our WW2 art and craft which included making paper mache bombs, planes and weapons. We look forward to seeing Miss Morris again next term for another 5 weeks.
  • Over the term we have enjoyed learning new tunes on the recorder which included Swingtime Stroll and Stardom Waltz.

22nd March 2019

This week we have been revising our times tables and playing Table Mountain.

We enjoyed playing a new game at PE called Pirate Tig. As part of this game we were climbing on an obstacle course.

We have been learning how to multiply by 10 and 100.

On Thursday we wore Odd Socks to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome and we also enjoyed learning more about it.

On Friday we completed spelling activities.

On Wednesday we celebrated the 100th day of school. We participated in lots of games and activities.

We have been writing about a sinking ship!

Primary 4 website update Friday 15th March


  • Throughout the week we have continuously been working on our 3x 4x 5x 6x and 10x tables. We have also been learning to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by 3x 4x and 5x.
  • On Thursday, at PE we were doing obstacle courses.
  • This week we have been practising our skills on the recorder, with Miss Small we learned a new note (G) and another new tune.
  • On Friday we went to our brand new library to read some books and had one of Aesop’s Fables read to us.
  • We have finally finished our reading books!!
  • On Thursday we went into the hall to watch the rehearsal of P5’s World War II assembly which they are sharing with parents on Friday.
  • On Monday we went into our skills groups and visited P1-P4 classes. In P1 we did some yoga, in P2 we learned about global goals in P3 we learned that not all children have the same lives around the world as us and in P4 the learning was about food chains.
  • We are learning to get on with the people we are sitting beside in our new seats. We had to show that we were responsible when we chose our new seats.
  • During our VCOP we were learning to up-level our sentences by thinking of more interesting words to use.
  • On Friday in handwriting we learned how to join the letter ‘w’ on to other letters.
  • We are working through our literacy SNSAs.

Friday 8th March 2019


Yesterday and today we have been learning how to make and use daily planners.


Over the week we have been finishing off learning about time durations and we have moved on to learning about calendars and planners.


On Friday we took part in World Book Day and dressed as different characters from our favourite books.


On Tuesday it was World War 2 Day. Our classroom was bombed in the Blitz and we had to tided it up and hide under the tables when the air raid siren went off. Lots of people were injured and we had to bandage them up with the help of Dr. Lola and Nurse Grace.


This week we have been doing WW2 freeze frames in drama. We are learning to use our faces and bodies to tell a story and express emotions.


We have been using French dictionaries to look up and translate words. Some people researched the French words for colours, clothes, weather, parts of the body, animals, sports, classroom items and opposites like hot and cold. We are going to use our new French vocabulary to label our classroom.


Ellen and Alice have adapted our French Zombie game, and changed it in to a times tables game.



Throughout the week we have been learning about subtracting with decomposition.

Yesterday we did fitness pyramids in PE to help us build up our stamina.

This week P4 have been learning about the social, cultural and geographical aspects of France. We learned about famous French people, what food is eaten in France, and what sports French people like.

In P4 we have been writing reports in the 3rd person. We have been practicing using different connectives, sub-headings and paragraphs.

Using our French vocabulary knowledge we have been playing a Zombie apocalypse game to help us practice our French conversation skills.

With Mrs. Bruce we have been learning how to multiply using arrays.

Rationing was important during WW2, P4 have been finding out why.

Some of P4 have been doing the SNSA tests.



 Friday 8th February 2019


Throughout the week we have been learning time durations, o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.

Our class has made lots of WW2 projects, for example: Spitfire aeroplanes, Anderson Shelters and gas masks.

This week we went on a museum trip to learn about WW2.

In maths we have been learning how to subtract with decomposition.

Our class has been making fact ribbons about ourselves and learning that we are all unique.

We have been making WW2 evacuation cards and are starting to make suitcases to go with them.

P4 and P5 have been enjoying reading Carrie's War and Friend or Foe.

We are learning a new recorder tune called Swing Time Stroll.

We have been learning to join the letter 'o' to different letters in handwriting.

We are starting a block of PE with Miss Guthrie.

Our class have been enjoying playing drama games, for example Freeze Frames.

With Miss Small we have been making Chinese Money Wallets and doing mindful colouring.

We have been learning about Chinese New Year and watched a Lion Dance.

We have been learning the importance of organising ourselves.

We have been practicing our 3, 4 and 6 times tables.



Friday 1st February 2019


We have had a very busy January in Primary 4.

We have been learning new tunes on the recorder.

I enjoyed hot seating in Drama. We have been writing about ourselves In 3rd person.

We have been learning lots in our topic about WW2.

In maths we have been improving our subtraction work.

Primary 4 have also been learning about Compound Words.

We have also been calculating time durations.

Friday 7th December 2018




We have been learning how to

  • solve money word problems
  • count up in 10’s
  • do 6 X’s table
  • play jingle bells on the recorder
  • perform in the nativity
  • design and make programmes for the nativity
  • join our letters in handwriting
  • spell trickier words
  • dance ceilidh dances
  • make up our own dances
  • sew using a running stitch
  • use RUCSAC to help us to solve word problems


We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory



We have been learning Jingle Bells on the recorder and we are going to play this at our Nativity. Ellen


We are enjoying learning our lines for Nativity. Anna


We have been enjoying improving our typing skills. Jessica


We have enjoyed making Christmas decorations for the hall. Violet


We have enjoyed working with Miss Barnes. Stella


We have been learning about the decimal point in maths. Ally



Term 2

We have enjoyed learning our multiplication tables this week. Alexander & Emme

This week we worked hard to play a tune on the recorder. Erin & Ellen

We learned where retired people get money. Jessica & Vivi

With Mrs Bruce we were learning how to 'break' sums to make it easier. Freya & Grace

We know that the clocks change on Sunday. We found out why this happens. Paige &  Anna

we started an exciting piece of writing about being rich or poor. Alyx & Violet

We have been improving the presentation of our work.








We have been rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 in Numeracy. Ally & Freya

IWe have also been learning about Tessellation. Erin & Ellen

In PE we have been working on improving our chest passing. Stuart & Lauren

On Tuesday we enjoyed learning more about Growth Mindset. Alyx & Anna

In PE wit Miss Warren we have also been working on our pace. Violet & Emme

This week we got to do some 'free' writing. We really enjoyed this. Alice & Lewis

We enjoyed completing our Mindfulness colouring. Alexander & Paige

In PE we completed the beep test. Jessica & Lola

In Primary 4 we really enjoy our independent activities. Stella

Today we have looked at similarities and differences. Grace




We designed symmetrical bugs! Vivi

We played games in Drama. Stella

In PE we have been working on our throwing and catching. Vari

IN RME we are learning more about Food and Festivals. Emme

In PE we have been working on getting stronger. Ellen





We have been learning  about Place Value and we have been working with 5 digit numbers. Lauren

We have been learning about Inheritance.  Grace

Our handwriting is getting better. Jessica

We enjoyed writing about people who inspire us! Freya

We all enjoy Scottish Country Dancing. Stella

We have been drawing pictures of ourselves and our families in Topic. Vivi

We brought in family pictures as part of our topic. Vari



Primary 4 is lots of fun. Lola

I feel we are challenged. Jessica
We have enjoyed learning more about Place Value. Vari & Stella
Everyone is kind in our class. Stuart & Lauren
We like our new Kinnoull Primary School Diaries. Vivi & Alyx
We are enjoying our new reading books.
We have been busy designing and making our new Class Charter. Emme & Violet
I like my new classroom. Ellen
We enjoyed writing letters for Mrs Sands. Freya & Ally