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Primary 2


After a lovely and restful mid-term break, we are back and have jumped straight back into our measure maths focus.  Looking at length, width and height. So far we have been measuring a variety of objects with non-standard units such as cubes, paper clips, hands and feet and over the course of the week we will be moving onto standard units, with meter sticks  (m) and rulers (cm).

We had a special assembly this morning from the NSPCC teaching us all to “Speak Out and Stay Safe”. We really enjoyed meeting ‘Buddy the Beachball’ who helped us gain the knowledge and understanding we need to stay safe from abuse and neglect. He also helped us to feel strong and confident with our words and to speak out if we, or someone we know, feels unsafe.

Throughout the rest of the week we will continue to practice our ‘Day of Dance’ routine, begin writing our ‘Nessie’ reports, learn about ‘Highland Coos’ and further develop our French skills to be able to order food in a Café!



This week is our short week! Miss Graf and Miss Hill wish us all a happy mid-term break but before we head off we would like to share what we have been doing over the past two days. We have started our new maths focus which is length. Thinking about the language surrounding length; longer, shorter, taller, smaller, thinner, thicker, wider, narrower and being able to categories objects based on these terms.

We have also been learning how to use question marks and explanation marks. We have been looking at Scottish inventors and other famous inventions, as we are entering the ‘Walk to School’ design a badge completion and this year the theme is famous inventions. We wonder if any of our designs will be luckily enough to be selected as the 12 winners (one for each month of the year) get 440,000 badges made up with their design on it!


This week we are focussing on volume and capacity in maths and can’t wait to start measuring out rainbow and glitter water! We will also be combining our weighing and measuring skills to make Scottish shortbread, we hope you enjoy it if you are lucky enough to get a bite!

In spelling over the last three weeks we have been revisiting our vowel sounds and adding magic ‘e’ to change the sound. a_e, i_e, o_e and we have been doing very well applying our understanding in our writing and weekly tests.

As we are planning to write a report about a Nessie sighting, we have been familiarising ourselves with newspapers, there layouts and thinking about the purpose of catchy headlines. Miss Hill thinks we did a fantastic job!



Our maths focus for the fourth coming weeks is measure with this week’s focus looking at weight. The learning will include lighter and heavier work. Balancing pan scales, identifying different types of scales and why we use them, including weighing ourselves. We will use grams and create sums to calculate how much a variety of classroom items weight.

In literacy we are working hard on our skimming and scanning skills to search for and gather information about The Loch Ness Monster!! We will use laptops and our ICT skills to search for facts that we will take notes from, read passages with Miss Graf to collect key information and jot down notes with Miss Hill from online clips. We will build up a bank of information to then use to write a report.

In keeping with our class topic we have been looking at the Scottish thistle, its colours, its symbolic links with Scotland and even learning to sing ‘Flower of Scotland’


This past week we have enjoyed great success in demonstrating our understanding of money equivalences from 10p up to £1. We have completed our Gruffalo story boards with Primary 7 and look forward to the next stage of designing the larger than life creatures.

On Monday 21st March we welcomed Miss Hill, our postgraduate student from Dundee University. Miss Hill will be with us for 6 weeks and has brought lots of exciting learning ideas with her that we are looking forward to participating in.

One of learning focuses this week will be learning about and celebrating the life and works of Roberts Burns and all things Scottish. Haggis, neeps and tatties to start, tartan weaving, shape doodles designs inside Scottie dogs and other Scottish creatures and a rendition of The Gruffalo in Scots by Miss Graf


Primary 2 successfully carried out whole school and class surveys at the end of last week. The children gathered information from their peers about favourite fruits and vegetables, using tally charts to record their results and transferring their results into fantastic and very accurate bar charts. Well done everyone!

This week so far we have been working very hard on coin recognition, making different amounts of money and using a variety of coins to do so. We will be further challenging ourselves to find different ways to make the same amount and show recognition of how to do this using the least amount of coins.

We enjoyed our first collaborative literacy session with Primary 7 today. We began creating and sequencing a Gruffalo story board trying to accurately include words and phrases from the story. We look forward to completing and presenting our story boards to an audience next week.



Welcome back! P2 wishes everyone a very Happy New Year. As we jump into 2019 we’ve started the week off with a listening and talking exercise to tune ourselves back into classroom life, which led to us writing fantastic recounts about our Christmas holidays.  We have been brushing up on our days of the week and months of the year in French as it’s a new calendar year.  Miss Graf even challenged us to learn the months of the year backwards… We wonder how quickly you could say all twelve months from December back to January, it’s a little tricky, but go on, have  a go!

We have been developing our understanding of directional language and using our bodies and pictures of animals to display our understanding of clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn, three- quarter turn and full turn rotations. We’ve been further consolidating our understanding of co-ordinates before moving on today, to Information handling. We will be learning how to gather information through surveys and how to present and share information in charts and diagrams. We look forward to sharing our bar charts and progress!

Finally The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson will be our inspiration for our inter disciplinary learning in January/February. We are going to build a Gruffalo café where you can buy owl ice-cream, scrambled snake and even roasted fox!! We will use the Café to support our learning of identifying coins, creating money totals, equivalences and giving change. We will also be learning Julia Donaldson’s classic in Scots to celebrate the beauty of the Scots language in keeping with Burns Day on January 25th 2019. And to add further challenge we are going to be buddying up with Primary7 to work on a French puppet show of the Gruffalo!! We can’t wait to keep you posted of our learning!



As we are winding down for the end of term we have been enjoying making creative pictures with 2D shapes and continuing on colourful shape patterns too. We’ve put our critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test by reading about, answering questions on and designing our very own igloos and giant class igloo out of recycled milk cartons! Did you know skilled Inuit people can build an igloo in about 1 hour?!  We think it might take us a little longer to build ours but we can’t wait to see the finished product. We are also very excited about 2019 bringing about our new playground so we have been designing our very own ‘Perfect Playgrounds’ and ‘Buddy Benches’ whilst discussing playground values and what an inclusive friendships look and sound like. Finally following on from our successful Nativity show we will be giving one last performance of some festive songs at the end of term Christmas Service at Kinnoull Parish Church on Friday. We hope to see you all there, as we are including a very well-known traditional Christmas carol too!




With the Christmas count down well and truly on we’ve had a fantastically magical, busy, glitter-tastic, Christmas jumper wearing, showing stopping performing week!! We almost can’t contain our excitement after our wonderful and very successfully Nativity performance. We were so happy so many families were able to come along and support us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing to you. Our ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ was a great success which included a jumper parade, jumper design competition and a Christmas lunch served up to us by our class teacher! The turkey and pigs in blankets were scrumdiddlyumptious! Other highlights this week include watching P6 perform their wonderful ‘Are ye Dancin’ assembly, we really enjoyed listening to their James Bond radio broadcast. We also shared responsibility with P6 in sorting and delivering the Christmas post which we did very effectively and responsibly. We had fun learning and following positional/directional language and instructions in class with Miss Graf and in PE with Miss Warren. Tom gave us a great way to remember the points of a compass: Never Eat Shredded Wheat! We also had great success with co-ordinate/grid reference work. We all successfully buried and found treasure chests and ship wrecks, whilst learning how to read and write co-ordinates with our numeracy partners.




Wow what a week! Final rehearsals, singing practises, costume trials and welcoming in the Winter months. There has also been lots of ongoing excitement sharing all of the creative and very funny elf on the shelf stories! Thank goodness there aren’t any elves in the P2 classroom or is there?! With the change in weather P2 have been focusing on describing these changes, creating winter adjectives mats to support writing an imaginative winter story. We took inspiration from our natural environment, multi media images and the sharing of winter experiences. We read Ten Little Lights as stimulus for our stories and wrote wonderful imaginative pieces that you can enjoy reading in our learning steps jotters. Before taking our jotters home we shared our magnificent writing with one another, taking turns to read our stories out aloud at our classroom ‘Star Stop’. It allowed us to work on our public speaking skills, making sure we projected our voices to our audience and we worked hard on being a good listening audience by giving feedback in the form of peer assessment. We found using two stars and a wish a very helpful way to support each other in highlighting both success and next steps. We look forward to our families giving us their feedback in our learning steps jotters.